Happy New Year!

01/08/2013 | by Str3@ml1ne | Uncategorized

So, hey, have we wished you all a Happy New Year yet?
Ski season is now in full swing throughout the Mt. Washington Valley, and unlike last year, it looks as though this year’s ski season plans on dropping us waist deep in the winter wonderland we’ve all come to know and love. And to match Mother Nature’s affinity to winter folly, we here at The Seasons will in accord be dishing out awesome deals for both Alpine and Nordic lovers alike. So please stay tuned — either by checking in on this blog, or by following us on either Facebook or Twitter.
Those of you who’ve yet to visit us this winter may not yet realize that our ridiculously cool skating rink is now open for the season. The rink is located just up the hill from the clubhouse, so please be sure you and your guests bring up some blades. And who knows — many of the Boston Bruins may be rusty from the strike, so B’s management might want to call up some crackerjack skaters when their shortened season finally gets underway!
Speaking of the clubhouse, we’re also very excited to report that we’re working on putting together a weekend breakfast offering for Seasons guests in conjunction with the ever popular Yesterday’s Restaurant in Jackson. And if you’ve been to Yesterday’s, you’ll know that this is a seriously appetizing prospect. So stay tuned as we finalize this delicious plan.
And finally, to hopefully even further whet your appetite, this week we are planning to unveil our most challenging, ambitious, and just plain awesome package yet. The package to end all packages! The greatest ski package in the history of…
Sorry, getting carried away. But in our defense, we’re pretty excited about this one, so make sure you check in again in a couple days — once we finish ironing out the details of the package and sharpening all of its edges, all will be revealed.
Yes, big things are happening here at the resort. We look forward to our best year yet, and we’re excited to share it all with you!
Happy Holidays to you & yours from all of us here at The Seasons!