Mt. Washington Valley Bingo

06/09/2013 | by Str3@ml1ne | Uncategorized

Chances are at some point in your travels — whether online, at a casino, or a local community center — you’ve played at least one round of Bingo. And if so, then you’re no doubt familiar with how this silly and simple little game of getting five-in-a-row can turn even the calmest and most Zen folks around into total loony birds when they find themselves just one number away from being able to holler out…


This summer, The Seasons Resort in Bartlett, NH invites you to explore the wonder of Mt. Washington Valley through playing one of America’s all-time favorite games…


Starting June 28th, we will be rolling out VALLEY BINGO, our unique take on a list of sights to see while you’re here in our colorful neck of the woods. If you haven’t played Bingo before, the rules are simple. Get five in a row — either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally — and you will have earned the right to yell out, “Bingo!” to your parents, siblings, and friends.

And if you take your winning VALLEY BINGO card to our front desk and proudly show it to our staff, we’ll even give you a little prize to take home in recognition of your adventuring accomplishment! But be prepared, we may ask you to tell us all about one of your sightseeing experiences!

VALLEY BINGO cards cost a mere $1 apiece, and as Bingo itself is a game frequently associated with fund-raising and charities, we here at The Seasons will donate all proceeds generated from the sale of the cards to our designated local nonprofit organization of the month. Details on the current month’s nonprofit will be available at the front desk.

We hope you find VALLEY BINGO a fun and entertaining way to check out the lovely and amazing area we here at The Seasons call home. Be sure to tell your friends all about your big adventure here in The Mt. Washington Valley, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!