Fenway Comes to The Seasons: Summer 2013

06/30/2013 | by Str3@ml1ne | Uncategorized

At first, we were puzzled. I mean it’s not every day you find a 6’ by 6’ Citgo sign in your maintenance shed, you know?


Seriously, what were we going to do with such a sign? Open up an onsite gas station?

Somehow this just didn’t seem appealing to us, so we put our heads together, and ultimately concluded that if we could just get our hands on 1,140 sq. ft. of pressure-treated plywood, we could put together something unique for both kids and grown-up kids.

We asked ourselves one important question.

If we build it…


Will they come?

The Seasons Resort is thrilled to announce and show off Fenway Jr., our newest addition to the property. As you can see, we’re a couple coats of paint and a layer of sod away from having this little ballpark up and running.

But that’s okay, because we’re still waiting on our shipment of 192 wiffle balls and bats to arrive.

That’s right, Fenway Jr. is a small scale wiffle ball replica of the real Fenway that’s been built to withstand the wild winter elements, so we expect it to provide guests an experience that’s unique to the Mt. Washington Valley for years to come. We also expect that we will also be offering special tailor-made wiffle packages for groups interested in utilizing the field — maybe for fundraisers, corporate retreats, family reunions, birthday parties… The possibilities are endless!

Our first such event takes place on September 14-15 of this year. We’re calling it Wifflemania 1, and while a few details of the event are still being ironed out, the core mission of this fundraiser will be to showcase eight separate teams from throughout the northeast each playing for a charity of their choice. If you are interested in participating, or wish to know more about this inaugural event, please send an inquiry to marketing@seasonsnh.com, and we will pass along the specifics. Likewise, if you have an alternate plan for your own Wiffle Weekend, please send an email to the same address, and we will try to accommodate.

Ultimately, we hope that Fenway Jr. will be a little field of dreams where kids can live out a baseball fantasy, and parents can once again become kids once they step up to bat and see our 12 foot high Green Monster!

So practice your swing & work on your curve ball! Our brand new ball field is just about ready for action!