Let’s Settle It On The Field! Wiffle Family Feud: Labor Day 2013

08/23/2013 | by Str3@ml1ne | Uncategorized

The Hatfields had the McCoys, and they settled their scores in the hills along the West Virginia-Kentucky border.

The Montagues and the Capulets staged the battles of their ancient grudge on the streets of fair Verona.

And what about you? Do you have a friendly rivalry with another family? ‘Cause if so, we think you should settle it on the field.

This field.


Fenway Jr., where the wiffle ball dreams of men and women of all ages come true!

This Labor Day weekend, The Seasons Resort in Bartlett, NH is offering a stay-and-play package like no other. On August 25th, we will be opening our brand new wiffle ball park, a quarter-scale replica of a certain famous ballpark in Boston. And on a limited basis, we are offering up three Wiffle Family Feud Packages. This unique package lets your family and your “rival” family spend the weekend with us at a 10% discount from our standard rates, as well as give you our brand new field for 90 exclusive and uninterrupted minutes while the mighty families play for bragging rights.

By “rival,” we of course mean your family’s favorite other family, and by “feud,” we likewise mean, “friendly game.” Just have to be sure we make it clear that we’re not looking to have any dugout clearing incidents over the holiday weekend. But we do hope to see some playful and spirited competition between families who might be in search of an enduring multi-family tradition.

Wiffle Family Packages start at $513.25 per family. This rate is based on three nights occupancy in a two bedroom unit with air-conditioning, does not reflect the 9% NH State Room Tax, and cannot be used with a preexisting reservation.

All you and your friendly rival family need to do to claim your discount and lock down 90 minutes on our little Field of Dreams is all us now at (800) 332-6636, and make your respective reservations.

Oh, and don’t worry about gear. Complimentary bats and balls will be provided, and we will encourage each family to bring them home as a souvenir.

We figure you can use them to practice up for next year’s feud!