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Autumn 2013 Newsletter


One of the great pleasures we all take here in The Mt. Washington Valley is that as soon as one amazing season ends, we immediately enter another that’s distinctly different, yet equally as amazing in its lovely offerings.

Summer has been an absolute delight for all of us — from our hugely popular Fishing Derby over Memorial Day weekend, right through our Home Run Derby Fundraiser to celebrate the Grand Opening of Fenway Jr.! Now as we wind our way through these last few weeks of summer, we would like to bring to your attention a few key dates on the September calendar.

On Saturday, August 31 at 12:00PM, we will be having our annual Labor Day Owner & Guest Appreciation BBQ down at Fenway Jr. This will be a free cookout for both owners and guests.

Over the weekend of September 13-15, we will be hosting our first ever Wiffle Ball tournament, with The Jimmy Fund and Youk’s Kids as beneficiaries. There are still slots available if you are interested in putting a team together — please contact marketing@seasonsnh.com for details.

And speaking of Fenway Jr., did you happen to catch this front page feature on the August 23rd edition of The Conway Daily Sun? ( http://www.conwaydailysun.com/index.php/newsx/local-news/108647-little-field-big-dreams-fenway-jr-unveiled )

And finally, over the weekend of September 20-22, owner Tom Thibault will be setting up his telescope for any budding astronomers who are interested in exploring the night skies. Tom’s astronomy expertise has been popular with people of all ages throughout the summer, and we are thrilled he’s so generously offered up his services. Please check it out if you’re staying with us that weekend.

Next on the docket are a few reminders and requests for owners:

1. We have a new policy that we are implementing immediately. If an RMC owner calls and asks us to move a reservation from their unit to another unit, the owner will be charged a $50 handling fee.

2. We want to remind all owners that our reservation system is blocked in such a way that they cannot make a reservation, or see if their unit is in fact available for personal use within 48 hours of when they are viewing reservation information. Therefore, if an owner wants to stay at their unit immediately, we ask that they please call ahead to ensure that their unit is actually available rather than simply showing up.

3. We also have an important request for both RMC and non-RMC owners. Any owners who have their units up for sale should make their guests aware of this fact before staying in the unit. We recently had a situation where a realtor barged into a unit to do a showing, and the unit was occupied by guests. This understandably was embarrassing and awkward for all parties, and the guests came to the front desk to advise the staff as to what had just transpired. We hope to nip this sort of unfortunate in the bud with our request.

4. We wanted to alert owners well in advance that they are financially responsible for annual cleaning and maintenance of their A/C units, and that we will be happy to schedule such a procedure to coincide with the unit’s annual spring cleaning.

An additional side note for any owners who are considering selling their unit. Kathy Prittie from JT Realty is offering an exclusive opportunity for Seasons owners only for a possible 4% commission rate. If you are selling or interested in selling your condo, please contact her at (603) 630-1399 for details.

And finally, if any owner is interested in a year round rental please contact us at bstovall@seasonsnh.com, we have a few people interested.

That just about does it for our end of the summer wrap up. We hope to see you during what promises to be a lovely autumn. So make your getaway plans now, because before you know it…

We’ll be sending you a letter hyping up ski season!

Mt. Washington Valley. Gotta love it, huh?



Summer 2013 Newsletter


Well, we had two inches of snow at Wildcat on Memorial Day, and 90+ degrees just four days later. These wild weather fluctuations can only mean one thing — Winter and Spring have finally had their final say, and Summer is now right at our doorstep!

As usual, we are happy to offer you tickets and vouchers to the usual big Mt. Washington Valley attractions. From the magic of Story Land, to the thrills of the summer fun at Attitash and Cranmore, we have everything you or your guests need to make this summer a memorable one. Additionally, we’ve got golf vouchers for the premier area courses, tickets to Santa’s Village, and vouchers for the amazing activities at Mt. Washington & Great Glen Trails. Also, we will soon be announcing a little package for Thomas the Tank Engine’s July visit to the valley!

Also new for Summer 2013 will be our Daily Activity Schedule, which will be posted on the clubhouse porch. We’ll be frequently entertaining you with our trademark classics like the fire pit and family friendly clubhouse movies, and we hope to likewise keep you and yours happily busy with some new favorites as well.

On top of this we also have a few new nifty tricks up our sleeves…

You’ll notice on our blog that we are introducing a little game called Valley Bingo to anyone staying at The Seasons. If you haven’t read all about it, here’s the link: http://seasonsnh.com/valley-bingo/. We hope this unique little sightseeing adventure will be just another exciting addition to the long list of reasons people stay at The Seasons, as well as a nice way to give back to the community in some small way. So stop on by the front desk and pick up a Bingo card next time you’re passing through!

There is also one other cool new work-in-progress happening as we write this. If you’ve visited within the last few weeks, you may have noticed a slight change to the landscape to the right as you pull onto the property road. Has it caught your eye? Can you guess what it is? Have you spotted any clues on our Facebook page?

Well, we are nothing if not playfully coy with our big plans, so we’ll just have to leave you with the teaser that we have a monstrous new addition that we expect will be fully ready to use in early July. So stay tuned, and be sure to check out the field to the right as you pull onto the property — something is likely to pop up at any time!

Believe it or not, though we’re just now courting summer, we have already had several inquiries about seasonal rentals for this coming Winter. We would love to update our availability list, so if opening your doors for Winter 2013-14 is something that appeals to you, or you have questions about such rentals, please email or call us and we will be happy to discuss!

We have a few notes concerning property policies that we’d like to pass along, as well.

1. There is NO SMOKING allowed inside the common area of the buildings. If an owner wishes to smoke in their unit, we request that they please be respectful of others and close the door when doing so.

2. Effective immediately, there will be no more personal use of the property’s construction dumpster. If you have something that needs to be disposed of, please contact Don in maintenance at 374-2736, or Bryan at 374-2363, and they will arrange for the item’s disposal.

3. This is a reminder to any RMC owners that have their own guests using their unit: If you need Front Desk staff to give your guests keys, we ask that you please either call us or put a note in the reservation.

4.  At long last, our official clubhouse passes go into effect on June 14th. These passes must be shown to Front Desk staff upon entering the building, and we thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.

5. Just a reminder to all owners who rent privately: If you or your guests need keys or get locked out of the unit, and maintenance needs to be called in after hours (which is defined as after 4:30PM seven days a week) to let people into the unit, there will be a charge of $50 for the service.

6. One final reminder to owners… We here at The Seasons request that you make Summer 2013 as fantastic and unforgettable as possible, and please let us know how we can help make it happen!

Happy Vacationing to all!

-The Staff at The Seasons



Spring 2013 Newsletter

Seriously, could the groundhog have been any more wrong?

What do you get when you listen to a rodent tell you back in March that winter will be ending early? You get over of a foot of new snow meeting you on the first day of spring!

So anyway… This has naturally been fabulous news for all you travelling skiers and boarders, but we’re now in our April Showers & May Flowers mindset, which means it’s time to look ahead toward our spring and summer offerings.

As we’ve done with great success in the past, we are not just striking deals with some of the preeminent golf courses in the Mount Washington Valley, but we’re also hoping that we can pass along some of the savings to you personally. You golf lovers are no doubt familiar with the challenging and picturesque course at Hale’s Location in North Conway. Well, we are happy to announce that we can give our owners and their family members season’s passes for just $100 apiece, which will entitle the pass bearer to utilize the Hale’s Course all spring and summer long. And based on their peak summer rates, this means that if you go out and play 18 holes just twice over the course of the entire summer, you’ve basically covered your per play rate. Anything beyond that is taking advantage of this impossible offer. So let us know if you’re interested in this deal.

Alternately, if you’re not sure that you’ll be hitting the links more than once or twice this spring/summer, owners will also be able to purchase individual outings at a rate of $25 for 18 holes.

Next on the docket — and you might wanna be seated for this one…

The Seasons’ First Annual Reel Fun Fishing Derby!

Pretty sweet, huh?

On Saturday May 25 — which is the Sunday on this year’s Memorial Day Weekend — we will be holding a fun little fishing tournament at The Seasons own roadside pond for kids ages 12 and under from all over. First lines will be cast at 12:00PM sharp, and we expect that we will be reeling ‘em in all the way up until 3:00PM. There are literally hundreds of trout swimming around in our pond, so we anticipate that this will be a very active day for all the little anglers who participate. There will be an entry fee of $10 and everyone who enters will receive a very special commemorative t-shirt (i.e. something you can proudly stuff into the memorabilia box when your kids outgrow them!). There will also be prizes for the biggest fish, the smallest fish, the most colorful fish, and whatever other goofy category we can come up with.

Basically, this is an event where everyone wins — not just due to prizes and t-shirts, but because of the memories that will be made.

Additionally, we will be hosting a Reel Fun Derby Cookout which will be free for all owners and guests from 5PM-7PM on the Saturday night before the big derby. It’ll be a great opportunity to fill up on burgers and dogs… as well as size up the competition for The Seasons’ 2013 Little Angler of the Year award!

Oh, and one more thing about the derby. Legend has it that there are two ENORMOUS fish lurking in these waters. We’re talkin’ Loch Ness Monster in size — or at the very least, Loch Ness Monster Jr. Anyway, should anyone happen to catch one of these… Well, we can’t say you can take it home and have it for dinner, but I bet there’ll be a prize for that which will involve one of our area’s amazing restaurants. Can’t say they’ll have Loch Ness on the menu, but I’m sure that’ll be okay.

So tell your friends or make plans to visit us yourselves over the holiday weekend — there’s sure to be a whole lotta fun out there on the pond! And we only have a few key conditions, which are as follows:

If you have kids interested in participating, please pre-register with the front desk by Friday, May 17, and tell us what size t-shirts we’ll be needing for your kids.

All participants will need to bring their own gear. While we do have a few rods to loan out over the spring and summer, we regrettably will not be able to accommodate everyone interested in competing. If this poses any problems, and you are unable to get gear of your own, please let us know, and we’ll put our heads together and see what sort of creative solution we can come up with.

All children must be supervised by an adult.

Just a few other odds and ends before we wrap this up. As most of you are probably aware, we are in the process of distributing our clubhouse guest passes. Please do let us know if you have any specific questions or comments about our policies.

You may have noticed that the distribution of clubhouse passes is now well underway. That said, we still have several left to pass along to non-RMC owners. Passes for non-RMC owners who’ve yet to pick them up will be mailed out to them by April 15th — please do contact the front desk if you’d prefer an alternate method of distribution. Implementation of the new policy is slowly getting underway, and while we understand that this is a process that will take time to start flowing seamlessly, a sign will be posted and full enforcement will be in effect by June 14th.

Also, we touched upon this in the last owner’s letter, but we’re still having some communication snags with respect to the distribution of keys to guests of owners. So we thought we’d just reiterate that if guests of owners are going to need keys, it is absolutely crucial that they indicate this in the note section of the reservation, or by calling the front desk. Also, we would like to remind owners with guest-of-owner stays that if the guest arrives after the clubhouse has closed down for the evening, we will be leaving a Welcome Packet in the Late Arrivals box on the wall to the right of the clubhouse door, which will contain keys to the unit, and a map to the building.

One additional item we’d like to once again bring up pertains to modifying reservations. If an owner has a current reservation that needs to be modified in any way, we ask that you please call the front desk to do this rather than creating a separate additional reservation. Thank you for your cooperation on this.

One last note pertaining to RMC. Throughout the rest of April, RMC owners’ units will be reviewed and rated based on the accumulation of guests’ comments, and recommendations will be sent out to owners if necessary.

That’ll do it for this installment, but stay tuned! Because while it’s true that we’ve just unveiled some exciting new deals and events, we still have a few more spectacular tricks up our sleeves.

Oh yes, the best is yet to come!

Enjoy the springtime sunshine, and we will see you all soon!

–The Staff at The Seasons



February 2013 Newsletter

Now that winter and ski season are REALLY underway, we have several items to touch upon as we look toward some serious spring skiing.

1.) We are happy to announce that we have finally put together our laminated guest passes, and we will soon begin implementing the new clubhouse policy that we introduced in our January letter. This transition will begin March 15th. Don’t be worried – we fully understand it will take time to get the passes into the proper hands, and we have every intention of making this a smooth process. The plan at present is to issue every unit four passes. Passes for owners in our Rental Program will handled by the front desk staff, and will be controlled as we do building and unit keys. Additionally, only one member in a group entering the clubhouse needs to display a pass — we will not require that each individual carry one with them.

There will be a $5 charge to Seasons’ guests for each lost pass, and they will be made aware of this policy upon check in. For owners not in the Rental Program, passes can be picked up at the front desk by the owners themselves, or we can mail them out. Please just let us know your preference. Also, all owners can purchase additional passes at $2 apiece.

We are confident that we can make a smooth transition to the new clubhouse policy, and we welcome any feedback you may have for us as we unroll the new rule!

2.) Next item — owner discounts. Should an owner wish to rent a unit that belongs to another owner, the following Owner Rental Policy went into effect on January 22, 2013:

PEAK SEASON: Receive a 15% discount, with the owner of the condo receiving 50% of the revenue and RMC receiving 50%. No discount given for Christmas to New Years Eve, MA February Vacation, Thanksgiving weekend, and Columbus Day weekend.

OFF-SEASON: Receive a 25% discount, with the owner of the condo receiving 50% of the revenue and RMC receiving 50%.

The General Manager will make the determination for off-peak and peak seasons. It should be understood that periods during each season could shift depending on availability. When booking your reservation, you may ask the agent to clarify, and if they are unsure, they will refer the call to the manager.

3.) In May of 2012, we changed our mailing address to the following: PO Box 930, Glen, NH 03838

We are still receiving mail addressed to the old mailing address at the Bartlett Post Office — often arriving 10-14 days after the parcel had been mailed. Please check your records to ensure that you have updated our contact information, as late arrival mailings such as those we’ve received over the last few months are often delayed to the extent that late fees and interest have been incurred.

4.) A reminder to RMC owners: if guests of owners will need keys upon arrival, please indicate as such either in the note section of the reservation, or by calling the front desk. Additionally, we would like to remind owners with guest-of-owner stays that if the guest arrives after the clubhouse has closed down for the evening, we will be leaving a Welcome Packet in the Late Arrivals box on the wall to the right of the clubhouse door, which will contain keys to the unit, and a map to the building. We bring this up only because we’ve had a few isolated incidents wherein such guests have arrived, and have been unaware of our late arrival procedure.

5.) Changing or modifying reservations… If an owner has a current reservation that needs to be modified, please call the front desk to do this rather than creating a separate additional reservation. We ask this because our computer system is only aware of check-ins and check-outs, and when such a scenario occurs, it can create clerical problems pertaining to the maintenance and housekeeping of the unit.

6.) It has been a long time since we have updated our Pet Free Unit List, and we would like to know about those units that have never (to the best of your knowledge, of course) had animals in the unit.

7.) Lastly, RMC is now putting a cap of 80 units on the program until further notice, and at present we have 78 units participating.

That’s all for this installment. Stay tuned — we are already putting together packages for the remainder of 2013, some of which you’ve come to know and love…

And some of which are all fresh and new!

(*dramatic pause for oohs and aahs*)

Enjoy the rest of the Winter Wonderland!

— The Staff at The Seasons



December 2012 Newsletter

We here at The Seasons would like to wish you and yours a fantastic and festive holiday season! It has been a pleasure working with you over this past year, and we wish nothing less than the best over the Christmas season and straight on into 2013!

As many of you consider The Seasons to be your second home, it is only fitting that we do our best to keep you all abreast of what’s going on here on the property. So we would like to announce the opening of a brand new Owners’ Page on our website. We hope that this page will serve as sort of a bulletin board where we can share the resort’s packages and programs with you, and you in turn can collect important information about the current happenings on the property. As we turn the page on 2012 and look forward to a prosperous 2013, we believe that communication is of paramount importance when it comes to maximizing any relationship, be it business or personal. As such, we feel like the addition of this Owners’ Page will both reinforce our commitment to you as well as let you know what can be expected when you or your guests arrive.

The Owner’s Page can be found here: http://seasonsnh.com/owners-only/

As we write this, ski season is already underway throughout the Mt. Washington Valley, and before you know it, we will be waist deep in the winter wonderland we’ve all come to know and love.

With the exception of last year, of course, which was a winter wonderland for all of 15 minutes. But let’s just agree to put that one in the rearview mirror, shall we?

Yes, let’s get back to this winter. A winter in which The Seasons will be dishing out deals for both Alpine and Nordic lovers.

And snowshoe lovers.

Maybe even toboggan lovers.

And did we mention that our ridiculously cool skating rink is about to open up for the season? It’s true — we have a full-size rink just up the hill from the clubhouse, so please be sure you and your guests bring up some blades. Certainly someone needs to do some skating in New England, what with the Bruins season being pretty much on ice right now.

No truth to the rumor that future newsletters will also come with bad puns like the one you just read.

But they might, because fun is sort of our thing around here these days.

We also have a few tidbits to report about our clubhouse. Throughout the fall, our hours have been 9AM-9PM Sunday through Thursday, with the extended hours of 9AM-10PM on Friday and Saturday. We are happy to report that we will be expanding these hours to accommodate travelers during the numerous winter vacation weeks. During the holiday periods, as well as over the course of February vacations, we will be open every day from 8AM-10PM. So all of you early snowbirds can stop in for any reason before hitting the slopes or trails.

Additionally, we are also planning on implementing a new sign-in policy for guests who would like to use the clubhouse. To be sure, the clubhouse is a hip and happening place to be over the weekends, and to ensure the safety of all guests, as well as to guarantee that only guests of the resort are utilizing the facility, we will be asking guests and owners to simply show us their clubhouse passes as they enter the building.

Simple, huh? Just like showing an Attitash lift attendant that it’s okay to ride the Summit Triple Chair.

Over the next few weeks, we will be issuing laminated Clubhouse Passes to distribute to the owners. You may choose to keep them for yourselves, you may want to leave them in the room, it’s entirely your choice. We are still ironing out the details on how to make this transition seamless for all parties, and are confident that we will be able to do so. Many of you are probably wondering whether or not this will cost anything — we assure you that it will not, and that however many passes you need, they will be supplied by Rental Management free of charge. As we said, this new policy is meant exclusively to protect the integrity of the clubhouse for you and your guests.

Speaking of the clubhouse, we’re also very excited to report that we’re working on putting together a weekend breakfast offering for Seasons guests in conjunction with the ever popular Yesterday’s Restaurant in Jackson. And if you’ve been to Yesterday’s, you’ll know that this is a seriously appetizing prospect, so stay tuned as we finalize this delicious plan.

Finally, we are also extremely excited to be increasing our social media presence over these upcoming winter months. It has been said (not really) that you’re nobody until somebody likes you on Facebook, so in a concerted effort to truly be somebody, we are making waves on Facebook. If you haven’t already connected with us on Facebook, you can find us here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Seasons-Resort/180604401994818, or simply by typing “The Seasons Resort Bartlett” into the Facebook search bar.

Also, to add additional luster to our growing social media shine, you can also connect to us on Twitter for updates and info. Just type https://twitter.com/TheSeasonsNH into your browser, and there we are! We hope to utilize both sites to share the latest deals, inform everyone about the latest happenings, and on occasion, just plain entertain you!

And there you have it — our very first Owner’s Page Newsletter. As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us either by phone (800) 332-6636, or by email at info@seasonsnh.com

Yes, big things are happening here at the resort, and we look forward to our best year yet.

Happy Holidays to you & yours from all of us here at The Seasons!