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Conway Scenic Railroad

Located 8 miles from the Seasons Condominium Resort – less than a 15-minute drive.

Conway Scenic Railroad

Join us for a classic train ride. Our Valley routes include our runs through the Mount Washington Valley to Conway or Sawyer River that recreate the experience of traveling from town to town by train. Our scenic Mountaineer offers a 4.5-5.5 hour excursion over Crawford Notch, complete with premium Budd Vista Dome seating that offers 360-degree panoramic views. We have a variety of special events planned around our 100-year-old steam locomotive that hauled our first excursions back in 1974! The Mountaineer has First and Premium class lunch packages.

Enjoy an old-fashioned railroading experience with all trains departing from an 1874 train station in North Conway Village. Whether you choose one of Heritage Valley Excursions on the Valley Train or take the Mountaineer to Crawford Notch, this is a journey back in time the whole family is sure to enjoy.

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