Let’s Settle It On The Field! Wiffle Family Feud: Labor Day 2013

The Hatfields had the McCoys, and they settled their scores in the hills along the West Virginia-Kentucky border.

The Montagues and the Capulets staged the battles of their ancient grudge on the streets of fair Verona.

And what about you? Do you have a friendly rivalry with another family? ‘Cause if so, we think you should settle it on the field.

This field.


Fenway Jr., where the wiffle ball dreams of men and women of all ages come true!

This Labor Day weekend, The Seasons Resort in Bartlett, NH is offering a stay-and-play package like no other. On August 25th, we will be opening our brand new wiffle ball park, a quarter-scale replica of a certain famous ballpark in Boston. And on a limited basis, we are offering up three Wiffle Family Feud Packages. This unique package lets your family and your “rival” family spend the weekend with us at a 10% discount from our standard rates, as well as give you our brand new field for 90 exclusive and uninterrupted minutes while the mighty families play for bragging rights.

By “rival,” we of course mean your family’s favorite other family, and by “feud,” we likewise mean, “friendly game.” Just have to be sure we make it clear that we’re not looking to have any dugout clearing incidents over the holiday weekend. But we do hope to see some playful and spirited competition between families who might be in search of an enduring multi-family tradition.

Wiffle Family Packages start at $513.25 per family. This rate is based on three nights occupancy in a two bedroom unit with air-conditioning, does not reflect the 9% NH State Room Tax, and cannot be used with a preexisting reservation.

All you and your friendly rival family need to do to claim your discount and lock down 90 minutes on our little Field of Dreams is all us now at (800) 332-6636, and make your respective reservations.

Oh, and don’t worry about gear. Complimentary bats and balls will be provided, and we will encourage each family to bring them home as a souvenir.

We figure you can use them to practice up for next year’s feud!

Reach The Beach Relay 2013


The Seasons Resort is thrilled to be along the route of this year’s New Balance Reach The Beach Relay! If you have friends or family running in this year’s event, please consider staying with us as your athlete’s team passes through Leg #7 of this epic 200 mile road race!

For more details about the race, please visit the RTB 2013 website at http://nh.rtbrelay.com/race.php

Go get ‘em, runners! We are in awe!

Home Runs For Literacy Fundraiser

Home Runs for Literacy

Sunday, August 25, 2013, 12:00PM

The Seasons Resort – Route 302, Bartlett, NH

You take a single deep breath, and step into the batter’s box. Though your heart is pounding and the sweat drips from your forehead into your eyes, the sight of the legendary Green Monster in left field makes you remember that you’ve been waiting your whole life for this one epic moment.  Gripping the bat tightly, you stare down the opposing pitcher, who now seems rattled by your ferocious focus. Still, the pitcher winds up, releases a wicked curve ball, and…


With a mighty swing, the ball takes off like a shot into the late afternoon sky. You watch as it soars toward the landmark Citgo sign high above the Green Monster, the ball’s flight almost in slow motion. It is a moment out of the movies, as the ball clears the twelve foot high wall and crashes into the Citgo sign. You have done it. You have hit your first Fenway home run.

And in so doing, you have also raised money for Intervale, New Hampshire’s Believe in Books Literacy Foundation. A game winning home run for a worthy cause — what more could you ask for?

Here at The Seasons’ Fenway Jr., our fully playable wiffle ball field that bears a stunning resemblance to that sweet old ballpark in Boston, the field is small, but the dreams are big. For our Grand Opening on Sunday, August 25, 2013 at 12:00PM, we will be the proud host of the First Annual Home Runs for Literacy, a Home Run Derby fundraiser. All proceeds from the event will go to The Believe in Books Literacy Foundation, a unique nonprofit whose aim is to enhance the quality of life through exposure, education, and the engagement of reading and bringing stories to life.

For just $5, participants will get ten swings at the fences, and we encourage all who enter to ask family, friends and colleagues if they’d like to pledge whatever amount they’re able to give for every home run their slugger hits. We will also have activities and refreshments available throughout the course of the event, and the Believe in Books team has a few fantastic surprises up their sleeve as well!

Anyone interested in signing up for this event and receiving an official Home Runs for Literacy Pledge Sheet can inquire by emailing [email protected].

Bottom of the ninth. Two outs. The Fenway faithful is on the edge of their seats.

Have you got what it takes to make the crowd go wild? Come on over on August 25th and find out!

Picture 2

Wifflemania : September 14-15, The Seasons Resort, Bartlett, NH

Do you remember when you took your first swing at a baseball?

Does that game-winning home run you hit in the bottom of the sixth inning against your Little League rivals still seem crystal clear in your mind?

Did Field of Dreams make you cry? Well, not so much “cry,” but maybe, y’know, mist up a little bit?

Does October 27, 2004 mean anything to you?

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to knock one over the Green Mini-Monster?

If any of the above questions strike a chord in your heart, then we just may have an event for you!

sketch june 11a

The Seasons Resort, in the heart of the Mt. Washington Valley in the town of Bartlett, is hosting a Wiffleball fundraising tournament on the weekend of September 14-15, 2013. While many tournaments focus exclusively on one charity, our aim for this inaugural event will be to include eight teams, each of which will be playing for a charity of their choice. We believe that such a unique tournament structure will help promote awareness of numerous worthy organizations, as well as perhaps kickstart relationships and friendships within the various charities.

So, apart from playing for a noble cause, why should you set aside a late summer weekend to play a few games of Wiffleball?

Because our brand new Wiffleball field is basically a small scale replica of Fenway Park. And let’s be honest, haven’t you at some point pictured yourself jacking one over the Green Monster? Well, here’s your chance to do just that, as well as make a few amazing memories while raising money for your charity of choice. We believe that this event provides the perfect setting for gatherings like family reunions, corporate retreats, or just best friends coming together for a uniquely unforgettable weekend.

At present, details are still being worked out with respect to the tournament’s specifics. We expect that for this inaugural tourney, we will split the eight teams into two leagues of four. Each team will play a guaranteed three games within their league, and the division winners will square off in the championship game. Unlike many Wiffleball tournaments in which there’s no baserunning, and it’s more or less three to five players per team, we’ve decided to go full-tilt and play nine a side, and baserunning is required.

So basically, it’s just baseball. With a cool plastic ball that dips and swerves like it’s on a roller coaster rail when properly thrown.

That said, this will not be a heated, high-octane competition. It will be slow-pitched, casual, and  friendly. Teams will consist of at least nine players, but as many as twelve can be included on a roster. Teams can be co-ed or not – this is up to team captains – and there is no minimum age requirement.

We also plan on holding an epic Home Run Derby after the Saturday session of games as just another a la carte form of fundraising. We anticipate, in fact, that we will have numerous avenues for fundraising, including raffles, pledges based on teams’ tournament performances, personalized baseball cards, a cookout, etc…

As we are in the fledgling stages of putting this event together, so too are we trying to locate those individuals and businesses who might be most interested in fielding a team. There will be an Event Fee of $1000, and $400 of this will go directly to the charity the team is playing for, while the rest will go into a Tournament Package that will serve three purposes.

1.) It will help us run the tourney and surrounding events.

2.) A portion of it will be allocated to a prize money pot that will ultimately go to the winning team’s charity.

3.) Most importantly, the Event Fee will give each team two of our 1,000+ sq. ft. condo units for three nights. Units sleep from 6-10 people, and typically run about $200/night during foliage season weekends, so we’re really making a concerted effort to give teams who want to stay on the 46 acre property a massive discount, while additionally shuttling much of this fee to the charity. Also, while two units will be part of the basic Tournament Package, certainly we will provide additional units at similarly discounted rates if your group needs them.

All of this is to say — If you are intrigued, and would like to stay in the loop as a perhaps a team/charity to be considered as we lay the groundwork for the event, let us know! Please know that initial interest in no way obligates you to anything — we certainly understand that you will ultimately want to know a lot more about the event and the resort itself. We just expect that it will take some time and effort to find those teams that will make the most out of the event — both for themselves and for their charities — so we are sending out preliminary inquiries well in advance of the event. Ideally, we would like to have a fully committed list of participants by August 1st, so that we can start blocking off rooms, organizing the tourney, and promoting the event.

Please do not hesitate to drop us a line at [email protected] with any questions or comments concerning this opportunity.

And remember, your inner child may be watching you…

Fenway Comes to The Seasons: Summer 2013

At first, we were puzzled. I mean it’s not every day you find a 6’ by 6’ Citgo sign in your maintenance shed, you know?


Seriously, what were we going to do with such a sign? Open up an onsite gas station?

Somehow this just didn’t seem appealing to us, so we put our heads together, and ultimately concluded that if we could just get our hands on 1,140 sq. ft. of pressure-treated plywood, we could put together something unique for both kids and grown-up kids.

We asked ourselves one important question.

If we build it…


Will they come?

The Seasons Resort is thrilled to announce and show off Fenway Jr., our newest addition to the property. As you can see, we’re a couple coats of paint and a layer of sod away from having this little ballpark up and running.

But that’s okay, because we’re still waiting on our shipment of 192 wiffle balls and bats to arrive.

That’s right, Fenway Jr. is a small scale wiffle ball replica of the real Fenway that’s been built to withstand the wild winter elements, so we expect it to provide guests an experience that’s unique to the Mt. Washington Valley for years to come. We also expect that we will also be offering special tailor-made wiffle packages for groups interested in utilizing the field — maybe for fundraisers, corporate retreats, family reunions, birthday parties… The possibilities are endless!

Our first such event takes place on September 14-15 of this year. We’re calling it Wifflemania 1, and while a few details of the event are still being ironed out, the core mission of this fundraiser will be to showcase eight separate teams from throughout the northeast each playing for a charity of their choice. If you are interested in participating, or wish to know more about this inaugural event, please send an inquiry to [email protected], and we will pass along the specifics. Likewise, if you have an alternate plan for your own Wiffle Weekend, please send an email to the same address, and we will try to accommodate.

Ultimately, we hope that Fenway Jr. will be a little field of dreams where kids can live out a baseball fantasy, and parents can once again become kids once they step up to bat and see our 12 foot high Green Monster!

So practice your swing & work on your curve ball! Our brand new ball field is just about ready for action!



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